Worthing in Lockdown 12

Worthing in Lockdown

This exhibition shares the work of Siobhan a Sussex based photographer, who runs 16 Beasley St Photography. Siobhan has captured her view of Worthing during the Covid-19 lockdown.

I’ve lived in Worthing for 20 years and it’s never looked quite like this before. During the day, I work as a mental health advocate, my evenings and weekends are usually taken up with music photography, shooting gigs and festivals locally and across the UK. I also edit Breaking Glass Magazine, an online publication focused on music, photography and the arts. With no gigs or festivals to shoot, I’ve spent some time in lockdown taking photos around my local area, capturing some familiar places that feel a little surreal without the usual people and noise surrounding them. It’s far removed from my normal subject matter but it’s been a bonus to see what’s on my doorstep in a different light.


If you would like to see more of Siobhan’s work pop over to her website or follow here on Instagram and Twitter!

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