Celebrate Saxon Day at Worthing Museum

Saxon Day Worthing Museum

Celebrate Saxon Day at Worthing Museum

We’re delighted to be hosting Weorod for a Saxon Day on Saturday 25th June at Worthing Museum and Gallery! This event will be completely free for visitors, as part of our mission to make history and education accessible for everyone.

What can we expect?

There will be a range of weapons and armour on display, including shields, seaxes, spears, axes, swords, helmets, chain mail and more. This display will be made up of museum quality replicas based on real finds from the medieval period.

You can also expect timed presentations which will have an educational bias. These presentations will include set pieces and demonstrations, including re-enactments of battles and burials.

The living history display will feature around four to six different activities and crafts being shown in the gallery spaces, which could include anything from bone working to braid weaving, pottery to chain mail manufacture, and leechcraft to leatherwork.

Throughout the living history displays, the team will be on hand to answer questions, explain the processes, and show close-ups of the methods.

The event will run from 10am until 4:30pm.

Who are Weorod?

Weorod are a group of historical re-enactors who are dedicated to shedding light on the Dark Ages by providing living history displays and re-enactments of the Early Medieval period.

They take pride in ensuring their costume and kit accurately represent their chosen time period, which falls within the fifth to seventh centuries (425-680). Where possible, Weorod focus their research on the archaeology of the local area, with most of their replica items being based on finds from Southern Hampshire, West Sussex, Southern Wiltshire, and parts of Surrey.

“We enjoy specialising within our geographical area, and find that at most of our shows our visitors are far more inspired by evidence from their own area than by a more generic approach. It is necessary to bring in items from elsewhere, but this can work really well in terms of enabling visitors to make comparisons in regional fashions and traditions – offering a vibrant and diverse approach to local history.”

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