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Emily Jolley A Walk Round Cissbury Ring

Emily Jolley is a painter and watercolour teacher based in Brighton. Her work was part of the A Walk Round Cissbury Ring exhibition, which also featured work from Tania Rutland, Jane Fox, Jenny Staff and Anna Twinam-Cauchi and was exhibited in our Studio Gallery in 2019.

The A Walk Around Cissbury exhibition brought together five artists, Emily Jolley, Tania Rutland, Jane Fox, Jenny Staff and Anna Twinam-Cauchi, with the common practice of working in the local Downland landscape. Having discovered that they had all been working, walking and visiting similar area on the South Downs over the past few years, through conversations and chance meetings.

All the artists were drawn to Cissbury Ring for different reasons: Research into historical sight of significance, looking for the human shaping of a land that has been farmed for centuries, walking, collecting and thinking.

Their conversations have prompted collective visits to the site together and the sharing of their different interests and interpretations of the site. The exchanges allowed the artists to develop their works and encouraged the decision to creative a collective exhibition.

This digital exhibition shows you Emily’s works that were part of the A Walk Around Cissbury exhibition.

Emily has said about the works

“My large watercolours for this show explore what I see when walking on Cissbury and my desire to convey the scale and space. I started using natural materials such as grass, feathers to capture the scratchiness of the scrub land through marks. On Cissbury you seem never to be alone, there is always someone on these tracks which are well worn through time. The views from these paths have changed but the one thing that stays a constant is the space and distance, as a painter these are what I enjoy expressing through layers and marks.”

Take a look at more of Emily’s work why not pop over to her website or follow her on Instagram!

Website: www.emily-jolley.uk

Instagram: emilysbirdgallery

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