A Perfect Likeness 3 July-3 July 183001

Conn Artists Theatre Company

A Perfect Likeness


3 July 2021


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Connaught Theatre


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90 minutes

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A rollicking Victorian odd-couple encounter between two titans of English literature!

The Connaught Theatre’s resident company CONN ARTISTS return with a UK premiere for 2021, following on from their hit tours of Silas Marner and The Four Men. A comedy by Daniel Rover Singer (Reduced Shakespeare Company)

Reclusive writer and photographer Charles Dodgson (AKA – Lewis Carroll) invites celebrity author Charles Dickens to his Oxford home to pose for a portrait. Dickens is so intrigued by the whimsical Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that he accepts.

What ensues is a baring of two creative souls, the one private and fastidious, the other boisterous and irreverent. As Dodgson struggles to capture a “perfect likeness” of Dickens, Dickens craftily pries into Dodgson’s personal life to get a handle on one of the most curious men he has ever met. The result is a hilarious and revealing conversation between two quirky, fascinating, and completely different men.

So lovely and entertaining that you want it to be true Lynn Felder, Winston-Salem Journal
Whether you’re a fan of these two literary legends or are entirely new to their work, you’ll find A Perfect Likeness to be suffused with the joy, laughter, love of language and the spirit of fun that the characters inspire. South Pasadena Review

Ross Muir as Lewis Carroll
David Stephens as Charles Dickens
Directed by Nick Young

Ross Muir’s performance is exceptional, capturing the audience’s attention with the character’s fragile state of mind, evoking powerful empathy as the play progresses. Theatre South East on Silas Marner.
David Stephens makes a truly venerable Grizzlebeard, full of the wisdom of old age. The Argus, Brighton on The Four Men.