Boiling Point (15)

Boiling Point (15)


Connaught Cinema


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Age Guidance:

15 - See more about BBFC ratings here.


Philip Barantini

Top Billed Cast:

Stephen Graham, Jason Flemying


115 minutes (Inc. adverts and trailers).

  • Description

Stephen Graham stars in this tense restaurant kitchen set thriller

During the busy run-up to Christmas, a single-take snapshot of the immense stress and skills of a talented head chef reveals that things are about to burst behind the restaurant’s flash façade.

★★★★ The result is a spicy nerve-jangler served with a chargrilled side order of jet-black gallows humour The Observer
★★★★ The tension gradually builds to the point of no return suggested by its title. The Independent
★★★★★ This is one intensely-flavored meal that begs to be swallowed in a single bite. Compliments to the chef. Film Threat

BBFC Insight: strong language, drug misuse
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