Little Bulb



12 November 2022


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Pavilion Theatre Atrium


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Age Guidance:

Suitable for Ages 3 - 7 Years


45 minutes

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Come and be transported to a magical forest full of mirth, live music and marvellous creatures.

The biggest yawn, the cosiest bed,
The softest blanket, the sleepiest head,
Winter’s approaching, prepare for a rest,
With some help from the animals who hibernate best.

As the nights drawn in and temperatures drop, staying wrapped up warm in our beds seems like a great idea. But have you ever imagined what it would be like to stay asleep for the whole of winter? Some creatures are experts and they’re here to show you how. Join award winning Little Bulb (house band in CBEEBIES The Nutcracker) as together we prepare to take a very long nap!

Little Bulb is an award-winning national touring company based in the South West. We are committed to developing devised and physical theatre performances which explore and illuminate minute human details that, in a world so big, are easily swallowed up. Combining innovative character work, beautiful imagery and exciting homemade music, they aspire to create performances that with humour and sadness with touch, startle and entertain.

Audience members are encouraged to bring a favourite blanket and any cuddly friends who would like to tag along!

Hibernation manages to be both charming and fun. What’s more, it manages to do this for both young children and their tired parents. Add in the musical accomplishment of the performers and you’ve a remarkable bijou show.David Lockwood, Director, Trowbridge Town Hall

We absolutely loved it and my daughter has hardly stopped singing ‘I love hazelnuts’ – she thinks it’s the funniest song in the world.Audience member, Gulbenkian

A beautiful tale! Only three people on stage and a magical performance! Recommended for young children.Audience member, Trowbridge Town Hall

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General on-sale Friday 19 August, 10am

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