Nope (15)

Nope (15)


Connaught Cinema


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Age Guidance:

15 - See more about BBFC ratings here.


Jordan Peele

Top Billed Cast:

Daniel Kaluuya, Michael Wincott, Steven Yuen


150 minutes (Inc. adverts and trailers).

  • Description

Science-fiction from director Jordan Peele

After random objects falling from the sky result in the death of their father, ranch-owning siblings OJ and Emerald Haywood attempt to capture video evidence of an unidentified flying object with the help of tech salesman Angel Torres and documentarian Antlers Holst.

★★★★★ Nope feels like that increasingly rare beast: an original blockbuster Empire
★★★★★ Manages to feel bold and original while paying homage to countless great movies. Chicago Sun Times
★★★★★ Impeccably managed suspense, sharp jokes and a beguiling, unnerving atmosphere of all-around weirdness The New York Times

BBFC Insight: strong language, threat, bloody images
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