Introducing Curfew: a performance based on the reality experienced by local people

Calico Theatre Curfew

Introducing Curfew: a performance based on the reality experienced by local people

What would you do if men had a curfew? Dance through the streets? Sleep in a park? Simply walk home without being afraid?

Calico’s production of Curfew encapsulates the real stories of real people in Worthing, and explores how different society would look in alternate circumstances. While a curfew is not the answer, Calico are exploring the difference this imaginary scenario would make.

Curfew will be performed on Saturday 25 June at 6pm and 8pm at the Pavilion Promenade.

What’s it about?

Curfew blends dance, theatre, film projection and voice recordings, to bring to life the sad, frightening, funny, and hopeful experiences of women, trans and non-binary people in public spaces at night.

Join Calico on a journey across the Worthing promenade, as they create a world where women can feel completely free and safe, even just for one night. A curfew is not the solution, but there is a problem. Join the conversation.

What can I expect?

Curfew is about reclaiming the conversation around sexual assault and harassment. The performance is choreographed to a score of verbatim voice recordings from women, trans and non-binary people to whom Calico Theatre asked the question: ‘what would you do if men had a curfew?’

It stages uplifting, playful and thought-provoking responses.

Curfew both highlights the sad reality of the symbolic curfew invisibly imposed on women, trans and non-binary people and, importantly, celebrates all of the weird and wonderful things we could be doing if gendered violence was not a threat.

Can I get involved?

Following the performances, Calico Theatre will be hosting post-show discussions in the Pavilion Atrium, exploring the themes of the show in an inclusive community space. Join the conversations at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

If you want to offer your thoughts about feelings about a 7pm curfew for men, you can fill in the anonymous form here.

This special Worthing performance was developed with contributions from local organisations Turning Tides and Safe in Sussex. Participants from both groups lent their thoughts as voice recordings to the show, and gave valuable input into the project by sharing their lived experience.

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