Introducing… Hannah James & Toby Kuhn

Introducing… Hannah James & Toby Kuhn

WTM is always working to bring the brightest and best shows, and our folk programme is no different. We’ve got a cracking line-up over the next few months with genre stalwarts and unique trailblazers alike. Enter Hannah James & Toby Kuhn; a creative musical pairing who’ll be bringing their fresh take on folk to the Pavilion Theatre Atrium on Tuesday 2 November, 7:30pm. With one week to go, we thought that introductions might be in order…

The duo are an award-winning musician and dancer from the UK (James), and an acclaimed French cellist (Kuhn). They met by chance at Floating Castle festival in Slovenia in the summer of 2018. Kuhn was so moved by James’ set that he sought her out and asked if she needed a cellist accompanist. At first she wasn’t sure she did but, as they say, the rest is history! They joined forces and began to create together, both sharing a common approach to music-making and a real artistic chemistry.

James is an award-winning folk musician, dancer and composer. Known for her work with groups Lady Maisery, Maddy Prior, Sam Sweeney, Seasick Steve and Songs of Separation (with Eliza Carthy and Karina Polwart and more), she is a central figure in the modern UK folk scene. Her style is rooted in the English Tradition but enriched by collaborations with artists all over Europe. Her signature is a striking blend of accordion, vocals and clog dancing, which is an incredibly special and rare form of percussive dance.

Kuhn is a post-classical musician with a taste for improvisation and folk music of all persuasions, which he cherry picks on his travels. Always on the lookout for new ways to play his instrument, his unorthodox approach has won admiration and acclaim from Japan to Canada, and makes him the ideal partner to James.

Together, their music is original and conversational. Their combination of accordion and cello creates a wide palette of sounds and textures which lift James’ pure voice and deeply honest songwriting. They shift between soft soulfulness to, in the very next breath, choppy and joyful interplay. This duo delivers a diverse, playful performance, and one which is rarely seen in Worthing, making it a must for fans of new music.

Catch the pair’s special mix inventive rhythms and soulful arrangements on Tuesday 02 November, 7:30pm at the Pavilion Theatre Atrium: www.wtm.uk/events/hannah-james-toby-kuhn/ 

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