Schools Engagement

Worthing Museum’s schools engagement service – Coast Ed was founded in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength. 
We now offer educational support to schools across Sussex.

What We Offer

A complete museum experience for students and teachers in our spacious education room, galleries and garden. Objects and artefacts from the museum handling collection allow immersive learning, role play and creative interpretation of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 topics. School Outreach visits are also available.

School Workshops

1 hour sessions

Toys and Games

Find out how the Toys and Games that children played with in the past have changed. Investigate materials, movement and design using a range of Toys from the Museum handling collection. Find out where Teddy Bears come from and maybe book an extra session with Gallery activities.

Seaside Holidays

From Princess Amelia to Punch and Judy Worthing has a lot of experience as a seaside town. Make your own Punch and Judy puppet, recreate a Victorian Scene, become Seaside detectives, write a postcard and handle artefacts. Visit our Social History Gallery in the Museum and maybe book an extra session for a Seaside Town Walk


Become a Dinosaur detective, handle Fossils and identify different Dinosaurs.and get crafty with clay. Look at the fossils and Mammoth Tusk in the Museum Gallery.

The Worthing Story

Find out all about how Worthing has developed over time from Pre historic times through the World wars and to Today. What was it like to be a Shepherd on the South Downs. How did the coming of the Railway change the town? Visit our Social History Gallery in the Museum and maybe book Gallery Activities as part of your visit or even a Worthing Town Walk.

Be A Curator

Why do we have Museums and what are they for? What is it like to put on an exhibition? Learn how to get an object to reveal its secrets and the key to successful exhibitions. Have a closer look at our temporary and permanent exhibitions in the Galleries.

Romans in Britain

Explore Romans in Britain and Sussex. A session will include handling Roman artefacts, being an Archaeologist, dressing up in Roman armour and putting on a Toga. Visit our Pre History Museum Gallery to discover more.​

Invaders and Settlers

How do we know about life before 1066? Become an Archaeologist by taking part in our mini excavation and find lots of clues to help us find out about life in Prehistoric Britain. Look at timelines, stratigraphy, local site study and who was John Pull? We can focus on a particular era if wished. Ie Stone Age. Visit our Pre History Gallery in the Museum. You can book an extra session to visit local historic site Cissbury Ring. This was a site of ancient Flint Mines and an Iron Age hill Fort or Highdown Hill – a site of an Iron Age Hill Fort and Saxon Burial site.

Wartime Worthing

Discover how Worthing was affected by World War Two. Find out about Air Raid Shelters, Evacuees, Utility wear and rations and much more. Have a look at Wartime artefacts from the Museum collection. You can also book an extra session War Time Worthing Walk.