Open21 Artists Q&A – Élodie Brooks

Open21 Artists Q&A – Élodie Brooks

Currently on display within Worthing Museum is our Open21 Exhibition that offers all those within our community an exciting opportunity to exhibit their artwork within a distinguished gallery space. 

Entries were open to amatuer and professional artists, of all ages, from across Sussex. Resulting in over 500 pieces being submitted. From these, 158 artworks were chosen by our panel of judges. Open21 includes a huge range of work with diverse and contrasting styles, using many different mediums; such as 3D sculpture and photography, alongside work in acrylic, oil, pencil and pen.

One submission chosen to be on display within exhibit was artist Élodie Brooks’ painting the ‘Raccoonalisa‘. 

We asked Élodie a series of questions to find out what inspired her to create her iconic Open21 submission!

Élodie Brooks - Raccoonalisa

Can you tell us more about the inspiration for your Open21 artwork?
I really love raccoons and I lost my raccoon teddy a while ago, so I wanted to paint one for
my bedroom.

What process, materials, techniques, etc. did you use to create your Open21 submission?
I did an outline in pencil on the canvas then I used acrylic paints for the picture, I used
different brushes for the fur to make it look fluffy. For the whiskers and the top of the ears I
used a white Posca pen and to make the eyes pop out, I did a little dab of white – I think it
makes it look more alive!

Élodie Brooks - Raccoonalisa

When people view this artwork, what do you want them to experience and think about? Is
there a connection between your message and the way you make art?
I want to people to look at it and to love raccoons as much as I do. I want them to think the
Raccoonalisa is looking at them.

What is your background? How did that inform your artwork?
I am 9 now, I was 8 when I did the painting and I really love art and drawing, with my friend
Ann (Ann Deickmann), who encouraged me to submit my work, as she was submitting hers too.

Élodie Brooks - Raccoonalisa

Are there specific subjects or themes you return to regularly within your art? If so, are they
evident in your Open21 piece or is this style new to your repertoire?
I love to draw and paint animals from the jungle and the forest. I am starting to learn how to
draw humans and I like the Manga style.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?
I learnt about the artist Henri Rousseau and his paintings are really cool.

The Open21 Exhibition is open to the public at the Worthing Museum in the Main Gallery and Norwood Landing until Sunday 13 Feb 2022 and is FREE for visitors to come and see.

Worthing Theatres and Museum is a registered charity, and we are committed to providing you with quality art and culture. For information on how you can support us as your local arts charity, such as donating or buying a membership, please click here.

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