Spin Out: behind the scenes with Lucky Pigeon

Spin Out: behind the scenes with Lucky Pigeon

We are so excited that SPIN OUT Festival is returning this summer for more performances around our wonderful town.

SPIN OUT is our annual season of open-air performances from the most exciting performers of theatre, circus, music, and dance. All of the shows are completely free to the public, offering both residents and visitors the chance to engage with and enjoy thrilling innovative outdoor performances.

The penultimate performance of the season is Lucky Pigeon, a playful show involving acrobatics, aerials, and pigeons.

Lucky Pigeon will be on at 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 3 September, at Pavilion Promenade.

A young businessman struggles with the demands of city life.

After losing his job, he takes his frustrations out on a group of city pigeons. Karma gets him and the young man finds himself turned into a pigeon! Through the transformation he learns about the playful world of a misunderstood animal.

Join the Lucky Pigeons and see them perform daring aerials, acrobatic feats and be part of their soulful story.

We caught up with Producer Toffy Paulweber from Brainfools to find out what we can expect:

How are you feeling about the upcoming performance at Worthing’s Spin Out Festival?

Our Lucky Pigeons performers feel very excited for the upcoming SPIN OUT festival! It will be our first time presenting the show in Worthing and we literally cannot wait. The full cast have been training hard for this show; it’s going to be amazing.

Tell us a bit about the show. Where did the idea come from?

The show started by looking at themes of homelessness. As the majority of the cast are based in London, homelessness is something we witness every day. As ideas bounced around the room, we all agreed that homeless people are often ignored and/or mistreated. We linked this to city animals like pigeons, who are just doves in disguise. Why one is considered beautiful, and the other dirty and disgusting?

What has the development of this piece looked like?

Take a packed suitcase, an open mind set, and a wonky looking circus structure… oh and put on some pigeon costumes! We have a very collaborative approach within our collective. Each performer has a second role, to ensure smooth sailing. For example, Finn is our creative brain (director), and Toffy our skilled organiser (producer).

What’s your favourite part of the performance?

Our favourite part of the show is of course the deep meaning married with silly circus. We love working together and I feel like that’s what moves people when they come to see our show. And, of course, the amazing pigeon puppets by Holly Miller!

Anything else you want to share or feel is significant?

It’s our ambition to act as a catalyst for global change. We may feel like a bunch of small ants in this giant forest but if many tiny ants move in the same direction we can move mountains. That’s what we want to achieve through circus tell our story and get people to shift their perspective.

SPIN OUT is an entirely free festival, but it’s always worth booking tickets to secure your place in the audience. You don’t want to miss out! Click the name of the performance to book your tickets.

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