Spin Out: behind the scenes with Phileas Fogg

Spin Out: behind the scenes with Phileas Fogg

We are so excited that SPIN OUT Festival is returning this summer for more performances around our wonderful town.

SPIN OUT is our annual season of open-air performances from the most exciting performers of theatre, circus, music, and dance. All of the shows are completely free to the public, offering both residents and visitors the chance to engage with and enjoy thrilling innovative outdoor performances.

The fourth performance in the SPIN OUT schedule involves an explorer and a hot air balloon. Phileas Fogg: Day 79 is coming to Worthing!

Phileas Fogg: Day 79 will be on at 12pm, 1pm and 3pm on Saturday 30 July, at South Street Square.

Join Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout as they attempt to circumnavigate the world in just 80 days. The year is 1872 and it’s day 79 of the journey. Our intrepid adventurers are just hours away from crossing the finish line, if they can just coerce their hot air balloons to go in the right direction they stand to win a grand prize.

From the makers of Baba Yaga’s House, The Giant Balloon Show and The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show comes a hilarious roam-about fusing modern technology and the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne.

Alana Jones of Dizzy O’Dare told us more:

How are you feeling about the upcoming performance at Worthing’s Spin Out Festival?

Dizzy O’Dare love bringing their shows to Worthing; the audiences are always so welcoming, up for some fun and really engaged with the work.

Tell us a bit about the show. What can we expect?

Phileas Fogg: Day 79 sees Phileas Fogg and Passpartout on the last leg of their journey- just dropping into Worthing to see what Spin Out Festival is all about! Will they make it to the finish line in London by Day 80???

What has the development of this piece looked like?

The piece was funded by Arts Council England with support from Spare Parts Festival and Just So Festival in 2018.

What’s your favourite part of the performance?

Dizzy O’Dare is all about the interaction with our audiences, whether the show is a static larger scale spectacle or small intimate walkabout, we seek moments of interaction and rapport with every audience we come into contact with, spreading joy, laughter and wonder..


SPIN OUT is an entirely free festival, but it’s always worth booking tickets to secure your place in the audience. You don’t want to miss out! Click the name of the performance to book your tickets.

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