Superstar Arts performance Connection – Worthing Museum

Superstar Arts performance Connection – Worthing Museum

Worthing Theatres and Museum are thrilled to have been able to work with Superstar Arts as part of Spin Out 2021 WTM. The Worthing based charity used the museum gallery spaces to perform their dance piece, Connection.

Superstar Arts choreographed the 20 minute musical promenade with WTM Spin Out performers, Kapow – Dance Circus Theatre. Since returning from shielding and lockdown, the Superstar Artists have been creatively exploring how the pandemic has made them feel and behave. Connection reflects the struggle that they and their families faced with changes to their daily lives and routines during the Covid pandemic.

Jo Telling, Creative Manager at Superstar Arts mentions that “It was an important piece for us that enabled the group to tell their story and express their feelings about their journey through the pandemic and what has remained important to them. A massive thank you to Vicki Wells from the museum and all the staff at Superstar for making this happen. Another big thanks to ‘Kapow’ dance and performance group for bringing another dimension to the piece.”

Founded in 2012, Superstar Arts is a charity delivering creative educational projects and workshops for young people and adults with learning disabilities in the Worthing area. They are committed to creating meaningful opportunities, delivering high quality innovative artistic experiences and enabling people with learning disabilities to explore social and emotional issues in a positive, creative way.

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