We are part of the Government Kickstart Scheme

Government Kickstart Scheme

We are part of the Government Kickstart Scheme

We are excited to announce that we are part of the Government’s Kickstart Scheme! We are thrilled to be working with our gateway organisation Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival (BDBF) in partnership with Future Creators.

We will have 12 posts across the organisation and will be announcing more details over the next few months. So keep an eye out on our website and social media!

You can read our full press release below

Government Kickstart Scheme

Worthing Theatres and Museum announce they are part of the Government Kickstart Scheme

Worthing Theatres and Museum (WTM) are excited to announce they are part of the Government Kickstart Scheme. Working with their gateway organisation Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival (BDBF) in partnership with Future Creators, a collective of local businesses, youth groups, arts and heritage organisations, WTM are thrilled to be able to provide multiple entry level roles across the organisation giving young people in our community the chance to gain experience working in the creative and cultural sector.

Announced in summer 2020 the £2bn government initiative is aimed at helping younger workers find employment during the pandemic. The Kickstart Scheme is a 6 month paid work placement with a local employer, funded by the Government, offering young people the chance to gain experience and develop their skills in the workplace.

WTM has been approved to recruit 12 Kickstart roles across the organisation including museum,  creative teams, hands-on technical and customer facing, administrative and marketing later this year. All the Kickstart roles are entry-level so they are great starting points for young people at the beginning of their careers.

CEO Amanda O’Reilly says

As a charity, one of WTM’s main objectives is ‘the advancement of education, particularly but not exclusively, in relation to theatre, dramatic arts, and the preservation of important historical collections of decorative arts and clothing within a museum’. We want to ensure that the Kickstart programme is an opportunity to really meet this objective and provide young people in our community with the chance to learn and develop their skills while gaining practical paid experience in the workplace.

To apply for WTM’s Kickstart roles you must be aged 18-24, currently claiming universal credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. The scheme is being run by the DWP, so your local Jobcentre will be able to run you through the specific criteria, help you find out whether or not you’re eligible and your work coach will be able to refer you to WTM.

Keep an eye out on WTM’s website and social media for further information on the roles available.

Details of the specific roles will be available at www.wtm.uk over the next few months.


Worthing Theatres and Museum is a registered charity, and we are committed to providing you with quality art and culture. For information on how you can support us as your local arts charity, such as donating or buying a membership, please click here.

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