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We Are Worthing

We Are Worthing

We Are Worthing

We are Worthing

We want photos of your lockdown heroes! We will be creating a wonderful collage exhibition in the windows of the Pavilion Theatre and we need your help.

What is #WeAreWorthing ?

Say Thank You to your pandemic heroes by submitting an image of them to be part of the #WeAreWorthing project that will capture the faces and stories of the people that shaped our last year.

These images will then form an outdoor exhibition filling the windows of the iconic seafront Pavilion Theatre and celebrating the amazing people that make up our community and their stories during lockdown.

Nominate your hero

The last year has been incredibly challenging for everyone and affected us all differently. This is a chance to show your appreciation to someone who has impacted your life.

So grab a decent photo and nominate your friends, family, colleagues and anyone in the community who matters to you. We want to hear your stories.

How to submit your nomination

Step 1

Open the application form

Step 2

Tell us who you are nominating as your pandemic hero and write a short (30-50 word) description of why they’re your hero

Step 3

Upload a high quality image of the person you are nominating

Photo requirements

The photographs should be front facing and of one person only.

Nobody under the age of 18.

No computer or mobile screengrabs, they wont be big enough to print.

Images taken on a smart phone are great but be careful if you are transferring them from a phone to another device via email or message, and always choose the highest quality option (this is generally ‘actual size’). If below 1mb in size – it’s probably too small!

Please make sure you have permission to submit the photograph.

James Tully

This is James, our Films and Campaigns Manager. Over the last year we’ve been working together letting all of your know what’s going on with WTM. He has a joke for every situation and an incredible selection of film recommendations. Thanks for making me smile over the last year James!


The deadline for submissions is Friday 30 April 2021 and selected submissions will be included in the exhibition at the Pavilion Theatre and online digital catalogue from late May.

Where will my photo be used?

It will form part of an online catalogue within our website.
We may use images and quotes for social media.
If selected, your entry will form part of an outdoor exhibition on the Pavilion Theatre and Atrium windows.
In submitting your image and text you are giving WTM permission to use these in the exhibition, on their website and social media, for full terms and conditions click here.

Worthing Theatres and Museum is a registered charity, and we are committed to providing you with quality art and culture. For information on how you can support us as your local arts charity, such as donating or buying a membership, please click here.

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