WTM Stories: fantastic feedback for Kintsugi Women

Kintsugi Women exhibition Worthing Museum

WTM Stories: fantastic feedback for Kintsugi Women

The Kintsugi Women exhibition is the result of a collaboration between local charities and services supporting people experiencing homelessness across West Sussex. Female service users were invited to highlight things they value about themselves, or something difficult they have learned through their experiences.

“Your thoughts, emotions and talents have had a long-lasting effect on me. Thank you for sharing part of yourselves with us all.”

“People experiencing homelessness are broken in so many ways, nobody chooses to be on the streets, especially women. ‘Kintsugi’ is an ancient Japanese craft of fixing broken pottery with extracts of gold.  It is also known as the art of ‘precious scars’…  What breaks us makes us stronger. This exhibition tells of our precious scars.” Jules, project leader

Within its first two weeks on display, Kintsugi Women has received an overwhelming response, with the public praising both the artistic creation of the display and what it stands for.

“This exhibition is totally amazing. It moved me to tears, every single piece is so personal and impactful.”

Kintsugi Women exhibition feedback
Kintsugi Women exhibition feedback
Kintsugi Women exhibition feedback
Kintsugi Women exhibition feedback

Emma Walder, Senior Curator, said: ‘We’ve received a lot of comments about the Kintsugi Women exhibition, many visitors have found it thought provoking and moving. It’s so important, as a museum, to offer a creative voice to people who are usually overlooked, and help raise awareness of issues that are so prominent in our society.  The exhibition captures a snapshot of how people, who have experienced homelessness and abuse, really feel.  It’s sobering to imagine how many others are in this situation now, or facing it as their imminent reality.’

“More power to the wonderful charities that do what they can to eradicate all UK homelessness, especially amongst women.”

Kintsugi Women is on at Worthing Museum and Gallery until Sunday 25th September during Museum opening times. Entrance is free.

Worthing Theatres and Museum is a registered charity, and we are committed to providing you with quality art and culture. For information on how you can support us as your local arts charity, such as donating or buying a membership, please click here.

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