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Kintsugi Women exhibition Worthing Museum

Kintsugi Women Exhibition

Kintsugi: the Japanese art of repairing ceramics and pottery with a special lacquer mixed with gold. This tradition method of fixing broken things is built on

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Who are Worthing Theatres and Museum?

Worthing Theatres and Museum is a unique arts and heritage charity consisting of six theatre and arts venues, two cinemas, as well as a museum and gallery, all positioned within the heart of Worthing.

What venues make up Worthing Theatres and Museum?

Our large portfolio of venues are Connaught Theatre, Studio and Cinema, Pavilion Theatre and Atrium, Assembly Hall and Worthing Museum and Gallery. All bringing you the very best theatre, music, dance, exhibitions, film and education opportunities.  

Do Worthing Theatres and Museum have a cinema?

Worthing Theatres and Museum not only has one state of the art 4K digital cinema, but we have TWO! Both the Connaught Theatre and Connaught Studio have better cinema facilities than most multiplexes.

What is Connaught Cinema?

Connaught Cinema is part of Worthing Theatres and Museum, are partnered with Picturehouse to bring Worthing the best in art-house, documentaries and foreign cinema alongside the best blockbusters and screenings of classic films from the archives.

Is the Connaught Cinema The Dome?

No. The Connaught Cinema is part of the Worthing Theatres and Museum group and screen films at the art deco Connaught Theatre.

What films are showing at Connaught Cinema?

The Connaught is partnered with Picturehouse and plays a wide range of films each week. The schedule of films can be found on their website.

What time is the Connaught Cinema open?

The Connaught opens at midday Tue - Fri, and approx 10.30am Sat - Mon.

Is the Connaught Cinema the best cinema in Worthing?


What technology does the Connaught Cinema have?

The Connaught Cinema has 4K laser projectors as well as a 35mm projector and Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

Does the Connaught Cinema show films with subtitles?

Yes, they show at least two films a week with subtitles for hard of hearing as well as foreign language films.