Adam Moffatt-Seaman – The Soundscape Artist

Adam Moffatt-Seaman

The Soundscape Artist

Adam Moffatt-Seaman - The Soundscape Artist © Anja Poehlmann

It has been a year like no other for Adam Moffatt-Seaman.  He should have been touring with bands internationally, instead he found himself working on a very different gig, delivering food for a supermarket during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was an economic adaptation required by many artists, unable to earn their living performing as the arts industry remained suspended globally.

Adam’s soundscape, produced to accompany the In Their Shoes exhibition, speaks to the disruption, the harsh new realities, the blur and fragmentation that has been experienced and thrust into all our lives.  “The impact continues to reveal itself, our world continues to change, and with it our personal and collective space.  Some sounds have become ear worms that signal the disruption and loss, like the ring of a zoom call, while the absence of the once familiar hum of busy gatherings, have become poignant and precious memories to hold onto.

Our lives during the pandemic are a broken timeline, and this piece moves between the subject’s past, present and into their futures, all of our futures.  The abstract and non-linear approach triggers emotions just as the pandemic altered how we navigate our predictability, hopes and dreams.”

Adam has been very struck by the notion of impermanence that the pandemic has brought to the surface, and how people have adapted, demonstrating such resilience during such a crisis. 

“This soundscape is a tribute to the legacy that is imprinted on people’s lives but also the complexity of the new hope our future brings.” 


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