Blade (18)

Celebrating Black Cinema

Blade (18)


Connaught Cinema


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Age Guidance:

18 - See more about BBFC ratings here.


Stephen Norrington

Top Billed Cast:

Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson


140 minutes (Inc. adverts and trailers).

  • Description

Celebrating Black Cinema. Wesley Snipes as Marvel’s first black superhero.

In a world where vampires walk the earth, Blade has a goal. His goal is to rid the world of all vampire evil. When Blade witnesses a vampire bite Dr. Karen Jenson, he fights away the beast and takes Jenson back to his hideout. Here, alongside Abraham Whistler, Blade attempts to help heal Jenson. The vampire Quinn who was attacked by Blade, reports back to his master Deacon Frost, who is planning a huge surprise for the human population

Celebrating Black Cinema
Thanks to funding from the BFI Film Audience Network, we were due to celebrate Black Cinema with a season of films in 2020 and then 2021, so we are glad to finally be able to do so. Celebrating milestones in black cinema, some classics and highlighting social issues. This season is a great opportunity to see these films through a modern lens on the big screen.
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BBFC Insight: Rated 18
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