Fair Cop Unleashed: Q&A with Alfie Moore

Alfie Moore Worthing

Fair Cop Unleashed: Q&A with Alfie Moore

Cop-turned-comedian Alfie Moore, star of his hit BBC Radio 4 comedy series It’s a Fair Cop, is bringing his latest stand-up tour show Fair Cop Unleashed to Worthing.

The show, based on real-life events, invites the audience to relive his thrilling ups and downs of the night a mysterious clown came to town and more than one life ended up in the balance. Alfie concedes: ‘it was the most frightened I have ever been in my police career and at the time no laughing matter’ – but this show certainly is!

The story highlights the constant personal danger of being a police officer but also the outrageously funny things that they experience. We caught up with Alfie ahead of his visit to Worthing to find out all about his upcoming performance.

Alfie Moore Worthing

How are you feeling about your upcoming performance here at Worthing?

I’m a fan of the sea and have never been to Worthing in my life and so I’m very excited.

What can we expect (without giving too much away)?!

I love real-life events and this is the true story of when a mysterious clown appeared in Grimsby leading to some seat of the pants life-changing and life-affirming results.

What do you think is your favourite part of your show?

Difficult to say as the show has different rhythms. It starts off very laid back with lots of audience interaction and this content will vary from room to room. Then as the story kicks in it will slowly build to an exciting finish.

Cop to comedian is quite a change! What brought on this career transition?

Totally unplanned and I guess you’d call it a mid-life crisis. In my 40’s and as the result of ‘a dare’ I ended up performing in a new act stand-up competition. I had no writing or performance background but it just felt very natural from the get go and the dream began.

What do you love about touring?

It’s fabulous seeing different places. I wasn’t very well travelled before I started stand-up but now I’ve taken my shows all over the UK and abroad.

And what do you hate?!

There’s nothing to hate really. Okay sometimes long drives can be tiring but I’ve had proper jobs and they’re quite tiring too and not nearly as much fun. What is it they say ‘if you do a job you love then you never have to work a day in your life’?

How do you prep for your shows?

Once a show is bedded in then the only preparation is the odd tweak. The rest is a little research on the place you’re going to and some travel planning in order to ensure you arrive nice and fresh. An early sound check, relax in the green room and then the traditional half-time snack. Usually mixed nuts, mini-cheddars or the occasional sausage roll – showbiz eh 😊

What do you feel is the highlight of your comedic career?

There’s a few really. Having a successful BBC Radio 4 show makes me feel very proud. In turn that exposure has allowed me to tour which is a joy and was always me goal. It’s also really nice to have my comedy work supported by the policing organisation as a whole. The bosses ask me to get involved with official events and individual officers will always take the trouble to attend tour shows.

What’s next for Alfie Moore?

In the short term Radio 4 has commissioned Series 7 of It’s A Fair Cop which I’m busy writing now and I’ll be performing live versions of at this years iconic Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. I will continue to tour with Fair Cop Unleashed until Spring 2023 when I’ll be launching a brand new show. After that who knows but I’m as keen as ever to keep creating new work and so I’ll be out there somewhere.

Anything else you want to share?

Just to thank the good people of Worthing and beyond who are taking the trouble to support the show. It’s very much appreciated and I’m sure we will have a very fun evening.

Alfie Moore will be at Worthing’s Pavilion Atrium on Wednesday 29th June at 7:30pm. You can book your tickets HERE.



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