Our screens

Connaught Theatre​

We are the first cinema in West Sussex to have a 4K projector and are proud to be able to present new releases and reissued classics in the best possible resolution. Not only that, we also have a new server that allows us to store films for much longer. This means when you keep missing a movie cos life gets in the way we can still play it months later!

The cinema also has a new Harkness Microperf Screen, that is more reflective, meaning it screen brighter and clearer than ever before. Alongside our recent 7.1 surround sound upgrade with Bowers & Wilkins, we believe this makes the Connaught Theatre the best cinema in Sussex.

Capacity - 512 people + 6 accessible

Connaught Studio

Our Studio screen has the same great server functionality as the Connaught Theatre, meaning we can play films long after their release - perfect for when we screen The Greatest Showman every few weeks. We also retain the 35mm projector that has been in use for many years, allowing us to play older films in their original film format.

The projection box is based on the balcony from the auditoriums use as a theatre in the 1940s and we often run tours allowing visitors to have a look at the equipment and ask our resident experts all the questions they want. The studio is perfect for intimate screenings with steep raked seating meaning your view is never interrupted.

Capacity - 160 + 2 Accessible