Metal Conservation
at Worthing Museum

Carola Del Mese is a Post Graduate in the Conservation of Metalwork. She is spending two months at Worthing Museum where she'll assess, clean and conserve artefacts from the archaeology collection.

Corroded, encrusted and unrecognisable objects recovered during historic archaeological excavations - and left untouched for decades in the museum stores, will be delicately and professionally transformed into identifiable items that connect us directly to the people who made, wore and used them thousands of years ago.

“Sometimes it’s surprising how much a small object can reveal when put into context, and that is what I love about Worthing Museum - it has an amazing collection of objects, most of which we still use today, and show us that people hundreds or thousands of years ago were not very different from us.”

By analysing and treating these pieces, Carola aims to reveal not only the centuries old craftsmanship but the valuable scientific and historic information to help tell the stories behind these fascinating metal items - which she'll share in a weekly blog.

Metal Conservation Blog