Plays from the 40s to 80s

Below you will find a fantastic collection of production shots, playbills and performance photo’s of shows at the Pavilion and the Connaught, from 1946 to 1987. But no means a complete list, it is still a fascinating glimpse into the theatrical past of the venues.


The Taming of the Shrew​ - 6th May 1946​​
The cast included:

Katherine – Margaret Diamond
Petruchio – Robin Bailey
Biondeiio – Gwen Charrill
Baptista – Charles Morgan
Bianca – Sheila Keith
Hortensio – Patrick Westwood
Tranio – William Bridger
Gremio – Claude Ricks
Vincentio – Ninian Brodie
Lucentio – Shaun Noble
Grumio – Malcolm Hayes
Sly – Meadows White

Other Roles played by Michael Evans – John Sharplin – Barbara Bolton – David March – Ralph Wilson – Ann Harrison and Eric Baker

Director – Willard Stoker

Designer believed to be – Anthony Waller

On the opening night, the mayor, members of the Borough Council and Town Hall officials were guests of the company.
She Stoops to Conquer - 26th January 1948

26th January 1948

Kathleen Crawley as Kate Hardcastle
Philip Morant as Hastings
Douglas Rye as Marlow
Charles Morgan as Stingo
John Elliott as Tony Limpkin
Simon Traherne as Slang
Philip Saville as Muggins
Anthony Steel as Tom Twist
Derek Fothergill as Aminidab

Duet for Two Hands - 16th February 1948

by Mary Haley Bell

Dermot Walsh as Stephen Cass

And No Birds Sing - 23rd February 1948

by Jenny Laird & John Fernald

Mona Berridge as Mrs Emily Heron
Charles Morgan as George Shilling
Sheila Keith as Dr Elizabeth Payling

An Inspector Calls - 1st March 1948

by J B Priestley

Edward Waddy as Arthur Birling
Also starring Mona Berridge, John Stone, Kathleen Crawley, Douglas Rye.

The Guinea Pig - 8th March 1948

by W Chetham Strode

Dermot Walsh as Nigel Lorraine BA
Sheila Keith as Lynne Hartley
Edward Waddy as Lloyd Hartley MA

Call Home the Heart - 22nd March 1948

by Cleemence Dane

Douglas Rye as Roylance
Anne Mayson and Jennifer Maddox as Nurses
Sheila Keith as Lydia
And Barbara Bolton as Svava

Laura - 29th March 1948

by Vera Caspary

Douglas Rye as Shelby Carpenter
Elwyn Brook-Jones as Waldo Ladekker
Charles Morgan as Mark McPerson
Hazel Court as Laura
Elwyn Brook-Jones as Waldo Ladekker

Autumn Crocus - 5th April 1948

by C L Anthony

Charles Morgan as Herr Steiner
Sheila Keith as Fanny

Trespass - 12th April 1948

by Emlyn Williams

Jennifer Maddox as Gwan
Edward Waddy as Mr Grice
Douglas Rye as Bill
Barbara as Mrs Henting
Shelia Keith as Christine

The Rossiters - 26th April 1948

by Kenneth Hyde

Barbara Bolton as Nurse West
Edward Waddy as Sir James Ferguson
Alan Robinson as Dr Bendix
Sheila Keith as Elizabeth Rossiter
Kathleen Crawley as Honor Rossiter

Design for Living - 17th May 1948

by Noel Coward

Mona Berridge as Grace Torrence
Sheila Keith as Gilda
Charles Morgan as Leo
Douglas Rye as Otto
Jennifer Maddox as Helen Carver
Christopher Lee as Henry Carver

Libel - 24th May 1948

by Edward Wooll

Dane Gardner as Usher
Sheila Keith as Lady Enid Loddon
Alan Robinson as Thomas Foxley KC
Christopher Lee as George Hemaby
Robert Berkeley as Patrick Buckenham
June Dandridge as A Solicitor
Charles Morgan as Sir Mark Loddon
John Elliott as Emile Flordon
Paul Eddington as William Bale
Barbara Bolton as Sarah Carleton
Edward Waddy as Sir Wilfred Kelling


As You Like It - June 1948

by William Shakespeare

The Winslow Boy - 14th June 1948

by Terence Rattigan

Sheila Keith as Catharine Winslow
Brian Roper as Ronnie Winslow

This Blessed Plot - 21st June 1948

by Basil Thomas

L to R Edward Waddy as Edmund Lester
Sarn A’ Deana as Sheila
Andrew Crawford as Bob Lester
Douglas Rye as Walter Reik
Mona Berridge as Pauline Lester
Sheila Keith as Celia Lester

Touch Wood - 28th June 1948

by C L Anthony

Mona Berridge as Elizabeth Enticknap,
Sheila Keith as Sylvia Herriot,
Douglas Rye as Julian Chance
Charles Morgan as Robin Herriot

Love in Idleness - 5th July 1948

by Terence Rattigan

Paul Eddington as Micheal Brown
And Pax Walker as Diana Fletcher
Sheila Keith as Olivia Brown

The Indifferent Shepherd - 12th July 1948

by Peter Ustinov

Paul Eddington as Robert
Alan Robinson as Henry Aspen

Clutterbuck - 19th July 1948

by Benn Levy

Douglas Rye as Julian Pugh
Sheila Keith as Deborah Pomfret
Barbara Wood as Jane Pugh
And Charles Morgan as Arthur Pomfret

The Ghost Train - 2nd August 1948 

by Arnold Ridley

The Letter - 16th August 1948

by Somerset Maugham

Edward Waddy as Howard Joyce
Charles Margan as Robert Crosbie
Sheila Keith as Leslie Crosbie

All Over Town - 23rd August 1948

by R F Delderfield

Margo Johns as Joan Thorpe
Robin Bailey as Nat Hearn

Storm in a Teacup - 13th September 1948

by James Bridie

Sheila Keith as Mrs Thomson
Nigel Buchanan as Mr Burdon

The Distaff Side - 27th September 1948

by John Van Druten

Richard Hart as Roland
Douglas Rye as Toby Chegwidden
Sheila Keith as Mrs Millward

The Blind Goddess - 4th October 1948

by Patrick Hastings

Sheila Keith as Lady Dering
Charles Morgan as Sir John Dering KC

The Apple Cart - 18th October 1948

by G B Shaw

Sheila Keith as Orinthia
And Guy Verney as King Magnus

The Man Who Came to Dinner - 1st November 1948

by Kaufman & Hart

Elwyn Brook-Jones as Sheridan Whiteside
Anna Turner as Lorraine Sheedon
Guy Verney as Beverlay Carton
Sheila Keith as Maggie Cutler

Dark Summer - 8th November 1948

by Wynyard Browne

Julian Dallas as Stephen Hadlow
Barbara Bolton as Giseala Waldstein
Sheila Keith as Mrs Hadlow

The Girl Who Couldn’t Quite - 15th November 1948

by Leo Marks

Charles Morgan as Tim
Alan Robinson as Paul Evans
Edward Waddy as Sir John Oxley
Joy Young as Janet Taylor
Shelia Keith as Pam Taylor

Trouble in the House - 29th November 1948

by Anthony Verner

Patric Doonan as William (Bill) Jackson MP
Shelia Keith as Margaret Collins
Edward Waddy as Joe Hawkins
Douglas Rye as Capt Rex Fulljames MP

Love for Love - 21st February 1949

by Congreve

Elwyn Brook-Jones as Tattle
Margaret Diamond as Mrs Frail

The Hasty Heart - 14th March 1949

by John Patrick

Gordon Jackson as Lachlen
Jane Hylton as Margaret

The Amazing Dr Clitterhouse  - 28th March 1949

by Barre Lyndon

Maurice Durant as Dr Clitterhouse
Edaward Waddy as DI Charles
Mary Ward as Nurse Ann

The Last of Mrs Cheyney - 18th April 1949
Rain on the Just - 16th May 1949

by Peter Watling

Gordon Davies as Sir Nicolas Corbal
Juno Stevas as Audrey Huelin

Macbeth - June 1949
The Cat and the Canary - 1st August 1949

Additional performances 20th August 1959  and 9th May 1966

Royal Highness - 26th September 1949

by Webster & Salton

Juno Stevas As Princess Louise of Coburg-Belgium


Romeo and Juliet - 19th June 1950
by William Shakespeare Alec McCowen Alan Bridges Ronald Lewis Robert Cartland
The Case of the Frightened Lady - 25th September 1950

by Edgar Wallace

Sheila Keith as Lady Lebanon
Ronald Lewis as Lord Lebanon

Black Chiffon - 2nd October 1950

by Lesley Storm

Sheila Keith as Alicia Christie
Charles Morgan as Dr Bennet Hawkins

Mary Bonaventure - 23rd October 1950

by Charlotte Hastings

Margaret Diamond as Sarat Carn
Ann Bennett as Sister Mary Bonaventure

Castle in the Air - 30th October 1950

by Alan Melville

Charles Morgan as The Earl of Locharne
Margaret Diamond as “Boss” Trent

The Late Edwind Black - 4th December 1950
The Long Arm - 30th July 1951
Whiteoaks - 24th September 1951

by Mazo de la Roche

Andrew Sachs as Finch
Charles Morgan as Renny

Ring Round the Moon - 16th June 1952

by Jean Anouilh

Accolade - 13th October 1952

by Emlyn Williams

Othello - 1st December 1952

by William Shakespeare

The Two Bouquets - 19th January 1953

by E & H Farjeon

Family Portrait - 2nd March 1953

by Leonore Coffee and William Joyce Cowen

Deep Blue Sea - 7th September 1953
by Terence Rattigan Richard Coleman Anthony Bate Norman Scace Ann Castle Ann Bishop Hazel Bainbridge Charles Morgan
A Day by the Sea - 28th February 1955

By N C Hunter


Reluctant Heroes - 18th July 1955

by Colin Morris

Bell Book and Candle - 18th June 1956
By John Van Druten Roland Curram Eileen O’Connor Eve Pearce
Cinderella - December 1956
South Sea Bubble - 8th April 1957

by Noel Coward

The Rainmaker - 15th July 1957

by N Richard Nash

Lawrence Davidson
Nicholas Stevenson
Kenneth Laird
Peter Byrne
Reginald Barrett
Lawrence Davidson
Leo Ciceri
Mercy Haystead

The Spiders Web - 5th August 1957

by Agatha Christie

The Reluctant Debutante - 19th August 1957

by William Douglas Home

A Long Way from Home - 16th September 1957

by G Brown

T Browne
Elizabeth Spriggs
Kenneth Laird
Mercy Haystead
Vanda Godsell

Plaintiff in a Pretty Hat - 23rd September 1957
Look Back in Anger - 21st October 1957

by John Osborne

A Man About the House - 11th November 1957

by John Perry from Francis Brett Young

The Night of January 16th - 9th December 1957

by Ayn Rand

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll - 20th January 1958
Nap Hand - 16th February 1959

by Vernon Sylvaine & Guy Bolton

Frankie Howerd
Henry McGee
Ian White
Frank Woodfield
Irene Sutcliffe
Donald Eliot
Mercy Haystead
Edgar Metcalfe
Pamela Pitchford

Heathcliff - 11th May 1959
Pygmalion - 22nd June 1959

by G B Shaw

Jill Hyem
Michael Lees
Edgar Metcalfe,
Frank Woodfield

How Say You - 26th October 1959

by Bannerman & Brooke


Meet Me by Moonlight - 29th February 1960
The Marquise - 21st March 1960
The Last Word - 25th April 1960
Leader of the House - 16th May 1960
The Pleasure of his Company - 6th June 1960
These People, Those Books - 13th June 1960
The Grass is Greener - 14th July 1960
The More the Merrier - 8th September 1960
Rainbow and a Cuckoo's Song - 28th November 1960
Ring Around Elizabeth - 12th December 1960
Relative Values - 13th February 1961
Little Darlings - 20th March 1961
The Letter - 24th April 1961
Look on Tempests - 1st May 1961
Present Laughter - 8th May 1961
Marriage go Round - 15th May 1961
Meet Me by Moonlight - 22nd May 1961
Affairs of State - 29th May 1961
Pools Paradise - 28th June 1961
Waiting in the Wings - 3rd July 1961
Settled out of Court - 13th July 1961
Roar Like a Dove - 17th August 1961
The Merchant of Venice - 16th October 1961

by William Shakespeare

A Majority of One - 6th November 1961
The Caretaker - 16th April 1962

by Harold Pinter

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - December 1965
A Midsummer Night's Dream - 7th November 1967
Waiting For Godot - 13th February 1968
The Glass Menagerie - 27th February 1968
King Richard III - 12th March 1968
When We Are Married - 15th April 1968
Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance - 7th May 1968

By John Arden

William Fisher
Ivan Beavis
Gwyneth Powell
Reginald Long
Marcus Plantin

The Country Wife - 21st May 1968
Portrait of a Queen - 11th June 1968
Mrs Warren's Profession - 25th June 1968
All Things Bright and Beautiful - 9th July 1968
An Inspector Calls - 17th September 1968
The Twelfth Night - 15th October 1968
The Hostage - 29th October 1968
Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf - 10th December 1968
A Streetcar Named Desire - 1969
Bakerloo to Paradise - 1969
Benbow Was His Name - 1969
Hobson's Choice - 1969
Mam'zelle Nitouche - 1969


A Severed Head - 1970
Five Finger Exercise - 1970
Gaslight - 1970
Harlequinade - The Browning Version - 1970
Pinocchio's Magic Pantomime - 1970