WTM Stories: incredible feedback following the performance of Hearty

WTM Stories: incredible feedback following the performance of Hearty

After hosting the lovely Emma Frankland for her performance of Hearty in May, we’ve received wonderful feedback from both her producer and the audience. This feedback makes everything we do worthwhile and gives us something to be proud of!

From Lee Smith, the independent producer of Hearty, we received ‘A Hearty Thank You!’:

“Thanks so much for presenting Emma Frankland’s Hearty at the weekend; we felt really well looked after by you all.

“We were so pleased with the promotion of the show; the engagement of community groups; all the tech, front of house and box office support; and the engagement in the post-show discussion. We’re so thrilled to have the support of Worthing Theatres as our local venue and look forward to hopefully working with you more in the future!”

LGBT+ Youth Support Worker Ryan, from Allsorts Youth Project, said:

“A lot of the young people we brought hadn’t been to a solo piece before, so it was quite a new experience for them (definitely a good one!). It brought a lot of our young people from different areas together, which was nice, so they got a chance to bond; But they also really enjoyed being in a community space with other LGBT+ people, particularly trans people, which outside of Allsorts, many of them hadn’t had before and they said attending the event was worth it even just for that.

“So thank you to you and all the staff at WTM and to Emma for bringing it all together and running the post show talk as well! And just creating a LGBT+ inclusive space for the young people to be themselves and feel comfortable in themselves; it was a really great experience!”

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